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Calendar of Infosec Events in Lithuania »

VilniusSec Meetup #3

[LT] Trečiasis meetup'as bus. Daugiau info netrukus.
[EN] The third meetup is going to happen. Stay tuned for more details.

VilniusSec Meetup #2

Second meetup is going to happen! Same time, same place. Come and hang.

  • When: 2024-04-25 18:00
  • Where: Alaus Namai - club function room, first door on the right, when descending the steps, just besides the coat racks
  • What: your friends, beer and chat about cyber things link: here

Our chatroom: citysec-vilniussec

VilniusSec Meetup #1

Welcome to VilniusSec! Please join us at our first meetup:

  • When: 2024-02-13 18:00
  • Where: Alaus Namai
  • What: beer and chat link: here

Our chatroom: citysec-vilniussec

To get an idea what is VilniusSec, check out the other CitySec groups at